111KM - 1890M+

The TREK UCI Gravel World Series Girona 2024 route has a distance of 111km with 1890m of accumulated positive elevation gain and runs through the heart of one of the best-known massifs in the area, the Les Gavarres Massif. Starting in the neighboring town of Girona in Juià (in the grounds of Càrniques Juià) and with the first kilometers neutralized by asphalt until starting a path with a considerable and long slope until reaching the top, crossing a road, to enter a mountainous area. A chain of wide tracks, with firm and compacted terrain, ideal for practicing the discipline that will lead us to look for flatter terrain through crop fields and rural areas.

Later, and around kilometer 46, a tough ascent begins to one of the highest points of Les Gavarres, Puig d’Arques (533m), with the subsequent somewhat technical descent given the irregular orography of the terrain. Once the descent is finished, constant up-downs of little slope and length along wide paths surrounded by leafy vegetation until reaching a very flat and fast part to impose a high pace and before facing the last climb of the day. Finally, the route will continue parallel to the course of the River Ter to reach the Municipal Pavilion of Girona-Fontajau, in the middle of the Sea Otter Europe Girona Costa Brava by Continental festival.